Monday, September 28, 2009

news from the nanoworld

in last week's Angewandte Chemie Early view release there is a paper by Achim Müller and colleagues, using his trademark inorganic molybdate capsules to assemble a well-defined hydrophobic aggregate (24 butyrate molecules) on the inside of the capsule, such that its interactions can be studied by NMR, trapped in a molecular test tube, so to speak. Achim Müller says: "I believe that the present paper really refers to new options for future basic research. The reason is that one can systematically study in the capsule hydrophobic effects in general, (different) chain-chain contacts under confined conditions as well as investigations in hydrophobic cavities, especially with the influence of included water."

A Spherical 24 Butyrate Aggregate with a Hydrophobic Cavity in a Capsule with Flexible Pores: Confinement Effects and Uptake-Release Equilibria at Elevated Temperatures (p NA)
Christian Schäffer, Hartmut Bögge, Alice Merca, Ira A. Weinstock, Dieter Rehder, Erhard T. K. Haupt, Achim Müller
Published Online: Sep 22 2009 2:46AM
DOI: 10.1002/anie.200903910

There was also a paper about assembling nanowires just one atom thick within carbon nanotubes, which looked very interesting:

High-Yield Synthesis of Ultrathin Metal Nanowires in Carbon Nanotubes (p NA)
R. Kitaura, R. Nakanishi, T. Saito, H. Yoshikawa, K. Awaga, H. Shinohara
Published Online: Sep 22 2009 1:32PM
DOI: 10.1002/anie.200902615

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