Wednesday, September 02, 2009

San Pedro

I saw the new Almodovar movie, Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces), last weekend, and it struck me that the director has reached a status resembling sainthood -- no matter what he does, we love it, well at least those of us who prefer hand-made movies to the stuff that's made in hollywood.

In abrazos rotos, Almodovar mainly talks about himself, even cites a mock version of his classic Mujeres al borde ... (now 20 years old, would you believe it). Note the contrast between the 2008 colour scheme (red and other primary colours) and the orange-infested one of 1988! As the movie is mainly about himself, it is a bit more bloke-ish than Volver (which is probably my all-time favourite Pedro movie -- I remember coming out of the cinema and being tempted to join the queue to watch it again straight away), but as I say, he's a saint, so he can get away with anything. Doesn't harm to have Penelope Cruz in the movie, as she is pretty close to sainthood herself.

anyhow, it's been an amazing 2 decades since Mujeres al borde. Just one of San Pedro's movies from this era that I haven't seen yet (Kika), and I just ordered the dvd ...

PS oh, and IMDB tells me it's Salma Hayek's birthday today -- I think I have yet to see a recent Mexican movie that doesn't reference her :)

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