Thursday, October 08, 2009

favourite designs

As part two of my "things I like the look of" I was going to show the new British coins -- very surprisingly, they actually picked a very clever design for last year's revamp, where each coin is like a keyhole revealing part of a bigger picture :)

looking it up on Wikipedia, I found out that reproducing images of UK coins and banknotes, in whatever size and on whatever material will get me tarred, feathered, quartered, hanged and drowned, or something along these lines.

So I'll just post a link to wiki instead (apparently they have obtained an exceptional permission to show the coins, which they have to renew every year, or else they will be tarred ... etc.):

UK coin design.

I have by now collected nice specimens of all coins except the 1 pound coin (the one which contains the solution of the jigsaw).

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rpg said...

I cheated and asked for the set as a birthday present...

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