Monday, October 19, 2009

time for quinces

It's the season for picking quinces and doing something with them -- my infant quince tree has had 8 of them this year, so I made my notorious baked quince dessert the last two weekends. Here's one of the 8 before it got eaten:

Alternatively, people in the UK can also get all things quincy from this company set up by a fellow quince maniac as a retirement project.

PS my two citrus trees are also bearing fruit, but these are a little smaller than usual. lemons just one cm in diameter, oranges maybe 2 cm.

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Pearl said...

So that's what you call them in English. Hah!
I've always known their name in Arabic or described them as the hairy, grainy yellow fruit.
I bet they're delicious!

I like your new header picture too.
Oh, mRNA is reminding me of my upcoming exams................. I should get to it!


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