Sunday, September 12, 2010

new roof

My little study now has a new roof which keeps the rain out and lets the sunlight in - which is very good news, as the old roof used to do it the other way round.

Still plenty of work to do on the interior decoration (old plasterboard ceiling and woodwork will go out to create an extra 2.5 cubic metres of space) not to mention on the tidying up front, as you can see on the picture below. But I already love the fact that I have now daylight in the space that used to be dark and gloomy even on nice days.

1 comment:

Nelson Kamaka said...

LOL @ the old roof's function! That may turn out to be terrible! Hmm, it seemed like a total mess, but I hope everything is okay now. A new roof can be a great start for you. :)

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