Tuesday, January 08, 2019

science news 8.1.2019

Today's round-up of science stories. Links are normally to press releases on EurekAlert (at the bottom end I may also add a couple of newspaper stories). I include quotes from the summary (using quotation marks) in cases where the title alone doesn't reveal what the story is about.

(Categories are still evolving. Don't really want to put stuff in boxes, but have to have some kind of structure here.)


Researchers say auditory testing can identify children for autism screening

Salk team reveals clues into early development of autism spectrum disorder
"Researchers at the Salk Institute compared stem cells created from individuals with ASD against stem cells created from those without ASD to uncover, for the first time, measurable differences in the patterns and speed of development in the ASD-derived cells."


TESS discovers its third new planet, with longest orbit yet


A century and half of reconstructed ocean warming offers clues for the future

Deep low-frequency earthquakes indicate migration of magmatic fluids beneath Laacher See


Scientists call for more diversity in genomic research

mind and brain

Opioids fueled a doubling of suicides and overdoses in the US

Recent research suggests new therapeutic role for caffeine in neuropsychiatric disorders


Seawater turns into freshwater through solar energy: A new low-cost technology

Can artificial intelligence tell a polar bear from a can opener?
judging from recent experience with tumblr's censorship AI, my guess would be: no.


Evolution used same genetic formula to turn animals monogamous
those prairie voles are up to their old tricks again ...

Female penguins are getting stranded along the South American coast

This image shows Magellanic penguins.
Credit: Takashi Yamamoto


In the news:

Bath plans to use thermal waters from their famous Roman baths for heating, reports The Guardian.

Oh, and anyone for spicy tomatoes?

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