Saturday, February 29, 2020

take a leap

On this leap day I am hoping to make a leap forward on the cello, studying the bourree I&II from Bach's 3rd cello suite.

The young cellist took her copy of the suites with her, but I discovered an edition at a charity shop earlier this month so now I have my own copy. And I've played JSB's only work for unaccompanied flute, the partita in A minor, a year ago, so it feels like a logical step up to tackle the cello suites. (Come to think of it, I've even played this very pair of bourrees on the flute a few years ago, but in an edition transposed to A, which I wouldn't really recommend.)

I expect the suites will keep me busy for a while. At three movements per year, this is going to take 12 years ...

Oh and here is Steven Isserlis who recorded the bourrees for his 60th birthday:

The video is also on my brand new playlist of cello repertoire.

Going through my collection of Bach CDs, I discovered I have two recordings of guitar adaptations of the third suite, one by Pepe Romero and one by John Williams. In fact it does translate quite nicely to the guitar.

Update 30.3. - just discovered a helpful video with performance notes by Inbal Segev, who seems to have done videos about most if not all of the movements of the suites. Oh and her performance of the bourrees is here. And I need to buy her CD.

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