Tuesday, October 25, 2022

insulin revisited

Back in the days of Travels to the nanoworld, I tended to use insulin as an example of protein synthesis, function, and cultural significance quite a bit. My perception of the discovery story (and the Nobel prize widely believed to have made the wrong call) was shaped by the novel by Charles Wassermann. Now, as the centenaries of the events are upon us, there has been a more scientific and thorough write-up of those events, and they turned out to be so much messier than the simple romantic story that Wassermann (and many others) used to tell. This is in the book:

Insulin The Crooked Timber : A History from Thick Brown Muck to Wall Street Gold

Kersten T. Hall

OUP (20 Jan 2022)

And my long essay review is out in C&I now:

The messy story of insulin

Chemistry & Industry Volume 86, Issue 10, October 2022, Page 38

access via:

Wiley Online Library (paywalled PDF of the whole comment section)

SCI (premium content, ie members only)


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