Wednesday, January 27, 2021

entering plague year 2

The novel coronavirus started spreading in the UK around this time last year, so we're now entering the second year. And we've passed 100,000 deaths even by the most conservative metrics used by the government. And with the new vaccines and the new variants, the second year will be a completely different game, although I'm not confident the UK government will handle it much better than the first one.

Oh and my new feature on the development of the vaccines that are now being used is out as a preprint, free access here, the regular publication date will be Monday Feb 8th. I'll do a proper blog post for it then.

Might be a good time to round up the Covid-related contributions from the first year:


Blog entries

I'm a great fan of the Corona cover art of Der Spiegel, this is issue 03 of 2021.


This Guardian editorial concludes: "the story of Britain’s pandemic will long serve as a monument to bad government."

See also the very depressing video summary from Led by donkeys.

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