Monday, April 20, 2020

hope and comfort

Three weeks ago, my guess of what people may want to read right now, close to the peak of the pandemic in many places, just past it in some, and I went for something on finding hope and comfort by reconnecting with nature.

So I've covered some conservation success stories, along with examples of how nature can cheer us up in difficult times. And perhaps most importantly, my hope that this pandemic will scare humanity into doing something effective about climate change.

All of which is out now:

Finding comfort in nature

Current Biology Volume 30, Issue 8, 20 April 2020, Pages R329-R331

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(will become open access one year after publication)

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As the COVID-19 pandemic limits the contacts and movements of people, reconnecting with nature may offer comfort and ways to a more sustainable future. (Photo: Sippakorn/Pixabay.)

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