Monday, March 01, 2021

jigging into spring

Plague Year(s) Bach Project, 13th month

I enjoyed learning the Sarabande in D minor in February, which was a perfect match as the piece has 28 bars, so I've been able to stick to my established speed of memorising a bar per day (skipping some of the troublesome chords which I can always fit in later). I do feel the sadness and the strength in that one.

Staying in the second suite, I'm now tackling the gigue, which has a few bars more, so I might end up with another fractionally memorised movement, let's see how it goes.

Some helpful links:

I'm starting with Inbal Segev's musings, as always, and I found a few recordings of the whole D minor suite, (with timestamps for the gigue in the link to take you there directly) from:
Ariana Kashefi
Eva Lymenstull
Misha Maisky
Laurens Price-Nowak

I'm also adding these videos to my youtube playlist "cello repertoire".

After 12 months with 329 practice days and 347 bars memorised, the list now looks like this (parts 2 upwards make up my revision rota, with the two most recently learned movements being revised on alternating days, and the others in a separate cycle):

1) movements I've studied for a month, then put aside for now
1.1. Prelude
1.2 Allemande

2) movements memorised in a significant part
1.3 Courante (2/3)
2.5 Minuet I&II (1/2)
3.4 Sarabande (1/3)

3) movements memorised in their entirety
1.4 Sarabande
1.6 Gigue
2.4 Sarabande
3.6. Gigue

4) movements memorised and synchronised with metronome
1.5 Minuet I&II
3.5 Bourree I&II

5) watch this space ...

... like a briiiiiidge over troublllllled water ...

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