Thursday, November 24, 2022

three sisters from East Prussia

Every picture tells a story, season 2, picture 12.

Several of the numerous children of the East Prussian patchwork family moved to West Germany in the 1920s, some possibly later. Of the four children the couple had together (on top of the ten from their previous marriages), the oldest, Karl Faust, died in 1945. His three sisters are shown here in a 1955 meetup in Lippstadt, first without:

and then with the surviving husbands:

At the top that's from left to right Luise (married name Hießke), Auguste (Kosmowsky) and Hanna (Krieger). Auguste's husband Ernst Leopold the steel worker had died in 1945. We don't know much about the Hießke family living in Lippstadt, as contact with them wasn't as close as between the other two families.

Update 26.11.2022 Expanded the title as I just realised I used three sisters before, in season 1.

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The twitter thread for season 2 is here.

As the bird site seems to be going the way of MySpace, I have built a similar thread on Mastodon, which is now up to date.

The twitter thread for season 1 is still here. It only loads 30 tweets at first, so you have to click "show more" a couple of times to get all 40 entries. Alternatively, visit the last instalment and find the numbered list of entries at the bottom.

I'm also adding all photos from this series to my family history album on flickr.

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