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wedding styles

Every picture tells a story No. 39

In this series I am aiming to use real life photos rather than studio portraits, but in some branches of the family there is a shortage of informal photos, so sometimes I have to resort to formal ones. This is the case for the family of Paul Gellrich, the husband of milkmaid Hedwig Geppert. The two married in Dörndorf in 1940, and their wedding photo is one of very few photos we have of him. I feel the dramatic hairstyle makes this more interesting than other wedding photos. (He was serving in the army at the time but I'm not sure that this was exactly the specification required?)

To compare and contrast, here's the wedding photo of his parents, who married before 1905 in Silesia. As I mentioned before, there was a shortage of first names in this family, so both couples were known after their wedding as Paul and Hedwig Gellrich. (In my records, Paul's mother is known as Hedwig Scholz.)

This photo is also on flickr.

Every picture tells a story series so far:

  1. string quartet Wuppertal Elberfeld 1927
  2. greetings from Adamsweiler
  3. Gastwirthschaft Ferd. Weirich
  4. quartet times three
  5. Neumühl 1923
  6. Tangermünde railway station 1889
  7. a singing lesson
  8. bei Wilhelm Geppert
  9. a bakery at Lorsch 1900
  10. Consumgeschäft von Julius Düsselmann
  11. Hanna and Ruth
  12. a young chemist
  13. school's out at Reichenstein, 1886
  14. a patchwork family in East Prussia
  15. the case of the missing grandmother
  16. checkpoint Glaner Brücke 1929(ish)
  17. finding Mimi
  18. five sisters, five decades
  19. happy at home
  20. gone milking
  21. steel workers
  22. field work
  23. what to wear at Porta Westfalica
  24. a classic convertible
  25. at the bottom of the steps
  26. a forester's family
  27. the Kaiser visits Allenburg
  28. teaching the 'deaf-mute'
  29. a guard dog called Schluck
  30. party like it's 1956
  31. the case of the mysterious uncle
  32. three Hedwigs and a baby
  33. a lost generation
  34. lost illusions
  35. pursued by a bear
  36. three daughters
  37. happy 240th birthday
  38. three sisters
  39. wedding styles

Alternatively, you can use this twitter thread as an illustrated table of contents.

In a somewhat roundabout way, this series relates to my research for the family history music memoir I have now completed in a first version.

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